Quiche-less in The Heartland

Quiche @ St. Honore
Quiche @ St. Honore (Photo credit: bkajino)

Savoring my first cup of green tea on the patio, I decided to make a quiche for breakfast.  With a spring in my step, I returned to the kitchen.  Sadness overcame me as I peered into the refrigerator and realized the egg holder held only two; four eggs were needed to make my quiche recipe.  What to do…make baked oatmeal with fruit?  It was not a baked oatmeal sort of morning.  Whip up a batch of pancakes with fresh blueberries?  No signs of maple syrup appeared on the pantry horizon.  Pancakes lack purpose if there is no maple syrup to complement them.  Honey and agave, other choices, also eluded me.

Annoyed with myself for postponing grocery shopping, I admitted I would have to trek to the grocery store that afternoon because I was too lazy to race to the Farmer’s Market.  My thoughts returned to what to forage for breakfast.  I nixed going out to eat; the Arts section of The New York Times beckoned.  Home cooking satisfies my soul, as does the newspaper on a weekend morning.  Dinner, already planned, was going to consist of French lentil stew chocked full of vegetables.

Like a good Italian, I reached for the loaf of fresh Italian bread, slathered it with vegan “butter” and apricot jam, poured myself another cup of tea and returned to reading.  After perusing the Arts section, I would make baked oatmeal for the family.

Baked oatmeal required only two eggs.

Ciao for now.