About Mary Anna Violi


Mary Anna Violi - tangledpasta.net
Mary Anna Violi – tangledpasta.net

Writing has been part of my life ever since childhood.  For a long time I penned short stories, and still do on occasion.  Now I compose fiction, narrative non-fiction, memoir, and essays.  Through social media I like  to share my work with a wider readership.  I have been teaching in academia for over thirty years, yet I still enjoy college classroom discourse and the creativity it inspires.  My writing continuum is like an unfinished symphony that keeps reinventing itself in my head as it plays out on paper.  May the music never end!

By Mary Anna Violi | @Mary Anna Violi

5 thoughts on “About Mary Anna Violi

  1. Jackie Reyman

    Mary Anna we were roommates at IU back in the day. You were even in my wedding & then somehow we lost touch. Thanks to modern technology I found you & would love to keep in touch. I too am divorced & raised two kids.

      1. Jackie Reyman

        I was just so excited to locate you!! I can’t post my email or phone on here but we’ll figure out some way to get in touch. Love your blog.

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