Birthday: Party On!

My birthday breakfast, courtesy of my

By Mary Anna Violi | @MaryAnnaVioli

I am of the opinion that birthdays cannot be celebrated too much, or too often. My birthday was on Wednesday, November 30 this year. When I arrived home from work that evening, my daughter was already at a yoga class. However, I entered a house decorated with birthday wishes, faux candles “burning” brightly, decorated cupcakes, a Happy Birthday banner with shiny silver streamers over an archway, and a large present gracing the dining room table near the cupcakes. Later she arrived home, and we celebrated. I made a pot of thick, red lentil and lemon soup, with crusty Italian bread on the side, and vino bianco. The double chocolate cupcakes with white icing and Sur le Table “sea glass” sprinkles were delicious! I opened my present: a pair of pajamas with llamas wearing pink scarves! We laughed over the stylishly attired llamas. I slept well enveloped in them that night.

The next morning I entered my classroom of international students expecting to discuss further their essay, due soon. My students had other plans: They greeted me with big smiles and a table decked out with a birthday cake, exotic coffee and tea, and other foods. They then gathered together and sang “Happy Birthday”. I was touched by their kindness. We had much fun eating and talking about the different food and beverages! Somehow we managed to discuss the essay!

That same evening, my brother, his wife, her mother, my daughter, and I gathered at the Rocky River Tap and Grill to celebrate my birthday. I was happy that my out-of-town brother and sister-in-law were able to celebrate my birthday with us. Amid the conversation, laughter, and good eats, I opened presents. Cupcakes again cheered us further, for my daughter had brought the birthday ones to share.

Today I made roasted chicken with lemon, onion, and rosemary, roasted potatoes with lemon and rosemary, and buttered peas. A dear friend joined us to again celebrate my birthday! My daughter made a delicious white cake with chocolate frosting. We drank vino bianco with our repast, and had a very good time.

No, birthdays cannot be celebrated too much, or too often. I can attest to that!

Ciao for now.



2 thoughts on “Birthday: Party On!

    1. I thought about that as a title, but a certain someone was sensitive about my repetitious use of “I Got at Throw!!!”I decided to yield to that someone’s sensitivity. I have, however, let her snuggle into the comfort of said plush throw! Thanks again for a great birthday celebration and gift!

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