Not All Smoothies Are Created Equal



Smoothies remind me of warm weather and ocean breezes. Smoothies are an economical way to take a vacation! –

By Mary Anna Violi | @MaryAnnaVioli

This morning I decided to try one of the Martha Stewart’s smoothie recipes I had written down. A year ago January I was restricted to soft foods for many weeks due to multiple oral surgeries. My periodontic specialist told me smoothies, puddings, Jell-O, smoothies, and soups that required no chewing were all fine. In January in the frigid weather, this was not a menu to warm neither the cockles of my heart, nor my body. Yet for months I became a smoothie addict. The irony was that for Christmas the previous month, my sister-in-law had given me a state of the art, high tech, and oh so fine blender. She had been shocked to learn I hadn’t had one since the 1980’s when I lived in Houston. I used my 1980’s blender primarily for mixing Long Island Iced Teas for my friends in Houston. By the time Summer 2015 rolled around, I had grown weary of making smoothies every which way. After the implant surgeries, I was ready to chew food, although the oysters slid down the gullet quite easily during those many months.

I went to Whole Foods to supply myself with smoothie ingredients for the four Martha Stewart recipes I was now longing to try. This morning I placed a cup and a half of frozen mango pieces and the one-cup of fresh carrot juice into my blender and hit the button. All I could smell were carrots. I double-checked the recipe. Nothing was amiss, but I decided to add more mangoes because I like mangoes. Eau du carrot still permeated the kitchen. Gingerly I tried a spoonful to test it. Aaawk! It was the most God-awful smoothie ever! Strained carrots for babies had better flavor! Annoyed at having spent $8.00 for a bottle of fresh carrot juice which I now will not use, I dumped the remaining contents of the smoothie debacle down the garbage disposal.

Now I was both irritated and hungry. Not willing to give up, I tried a second recipe. It sounded more promising: Banana-Oat Smoothie. It did not call for Ziggy Stardust hair-colored carrot juice either. Au contraire: Made up of some of my favorite breakfast items, this smoothie proved a rousing success and a winning taste treat! Here is the recipe to enjoy:

Banana-Oat Smoothie

¼ cup old-fashioned rolled oats

½ cup plain low-fat yogurt [I used Greek Gods Greek Yogurt Honey.]

1 banana, cut into thirds

½ cup fat-free milk [I used Almond Breeze Almond Milk.]

2 teaspoons honey

¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon

Combine all ingredients in a blender and puree [or use High] until smooth. Serve immediately [I placed it in the refrigerator because I like chilled smoothies.]

Ciao for now.


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