Recently I had a birthday.  The candles on the cake reminded me of my  Spirited Constellations books.  It’s the way my mind

By Mary Anna Violi | @MaryAnnaVioli

Not a Christmas card has been sent, though I did manage to purchase several boxes of cards this week. At least a festive wreath hangs on the front porch, and a large seasonal arrangement cascades down the front door. No Christmas lights have been threaded around garlands on the front porch railings this year. The patio, however, has decorative wreaths and painted candy canes all protected by the overhangs. Inside, the Christmas tree stands majestically, and the crèche holds a place of honor atop an antique table. Well, one may ask, why I have broken with tradition, and fallen behind with Christmas decorating, cards, and wrapping?

The answer reveals itself in writing. It is a tremendous sense of peace, of accomplishment to see one’s own books in print and in electronic book [e-book] forms as the Spirited Constellations Trilogy in paperback; The Star (Spirited Constellations); The Charmer (Spirited Constellations); and The Magic (Spirited Constellations) in e-books. Having an ISBN number has proven to be a major thrill, too! Here is a link to my books on Amazon:

Writing Spirited Constellations took enormous amounts of time, which is why I have had virtually no social life, and that was fine with me. Weekends and evenings spent putting together a narrative with a great deal of dialogue was most gratifying, even when I stalled at certain points in writing the story. My strategy was than to work on a series of essays I had begun. After shaping an essay, I would return to Spirited Constellations. In point of fact, I just kept on writing, and I still do, which means I wrote on to several other novels and a memoir. All of this, in addition to penning blog posts regularly. There is something to the old adage, “the more one practices, the more one improves”. At the very least, one hopes one improves! Writing, like an athletic sport, became a necessity some years ago. The more I write, the more I need to write. It’s an adrenaline thing. And it makes me happy.J

Ciao for now.




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