When one cannot see the forest for the trees, a new dawn eventually appears. -
When one cannot see the forest for the trees, a new dawn eventually appears. –

By Mary Anna Violi | @Mary Anna Violi

A blue dress. A jaunty beret. A predatory President. A starry-eyed White House intern.

Remember? The twenty-four-year-old women’s pictures appeared in newspapers, in tabloids, and on our television screens. She was vilified, pejorative labels heaped upon her. Late night talk show hosts cast aspersions in reference to her. Rappers made millions mocking her in their “music.” Through their misogynist lyrics they earned big bucks off her humiliation. Yet nowhere did I read about him being called That President, in the same way she was referred to as That Woman. No one called him a tramp, slut, or whore in the media. She had also confided in someone she thought was her friend: Linda Tripp. This “friend” recorded phone calls she had with the young intern, unbeknownst to Ms. Lewinsky. Tripp proved to be as black-hearted as Shakespeare’s Iago in Othello. The snake-like “friend’ also earned greenbacks off those calls that landed the intern in a political maelström, into a Congressional investigation.

Monica Lewinsky was a twenty-two-year-old intern when President Bill Clinton began his sexual affair with her. He was old enough to have been her father, at the very least. The word “Ick” reverberates in my head now as it did in 1998 when the story was ballyhooed around the world. When all was said and done, he remained President, and she rode off into the Land of Infamy.

What was and is still wrong with this picture?

Was she naïve about the potential consequences? Yes.

Was she vulnerable? Yes. [President of the United States equals Power; White House intern equals Subordinate]

Was her then twenty-something life ruined? Yes.

Has she rebounded? Yes.

Listen and watch Monica Lewinsky’s inspiring TED Talk. [TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. These talks that began in 1984.]

For any young woman or young man who has erred in matters of sex, then one can appreciate how Monica Lewinsky has risen, like a Phoenix from the ashes to address her past and present in her TED Talk. Watch, look, listen, and learn.

Ciao for now.




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