Blue skies and sunshine equate with life is good!
Blue skies and sunshine equate with life is good!

This morning I awakened not only to a time change, but also to a rousing temperature of 34 degrees Fahrenheit, accompanied by sunshine.  Halleluiah!  While this may not be significant to those basking in the sunshine of the balmy South, to those of us living with UV-ray deprivation in the northern Midwest, it was like The Awakening. Yesterday afternoon, for the first time since early January, I could walk across our patio and actually see the red bricks, sans snow and ice. I tempted the Winter God by having my SUV bathed at Drive and Shine so that her body shone with its voluptuous lipstick red color like a siren beckoning Ulysseus to abandon his nautical route. Empowered by the sunshine, we postponed necessary grocery shopping until much later while we engaged in sorely needed retail therapy.

Perusing the new spring stock at Backyards, we purchased several items that screamed, “Spring hath sprung!” We then drove to Talbots, ostensibly so pay on a bill, but really to peruse the 25% off everything sale. Happily, we exited the store with a new pair of earrings each, two long-sleeved tops [one in white and one in bright blue], and socks, all of which were needed, except possibly the earrings, but who could resist the sparkle of them? Next, we stopped by Pier 1. Since my plan is to clean out our cup inventory and donate the castoffs, I was curious about freshening up my morning tea depository. Home we came with four cheery, yellow patterned mugs!

Ultimately, we bit the bullet and ventured into a grocery for the weekly trek up and down the aisles. I tore the grocery list in half, giving the other half to my daughter, who is home for part of her Spring Break. We zipped through the store in no time, and then sped off to Whole Foods for a seafood dinner. Earlier in the day we had made a lemon cake as an Ode to the Sun. Last night I tried a new recipe from my Martha Stewart One Pot cookbook. I mixed couscous, peas, olive oil, golden raisons, sliced almonds, and topped it cod, over which I placed a mixture of cumin, paprika, and coriander. Lemon was added after baking. It tasted delicious. We then dined on lemon cake as we watched the 1937 comedy, “Double Wedding”, with William Powell and Myrna Loy. Having shopped admirably, eaten well, laughed over a movie, we then slept comfortably.

Ciao for now.

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