Vicarious Pleasures 1

The squirrel ia a metaphor for my sometimes cluttered mind -
The squirrel ia a metaphor for my sometimes cluttered mind –


By Mary Anna Violi | @Mary Anna Violi

I have a secret that brings me vicarious delight each day:  I read  Why would a well-educated, gainfully employed, loving parent, well-read, and all-round intelligent person read such a publication?  Here is why I read it:  It’s mindless.    The biggest decision I have to make when the webpage appears is, “Do I want to look first at the photos of the day, or read salacious gossip about some purported “celebrity”?”  That’s the depth of the read and the photos.  Yet, like my cup of green tea, I turn to the site to clear my head of weightier decision-making, giving myself over for ten minutes to the latest spin of the day on people I will likely never meet, and, when all is said and done, really have little interest in knowing.  This is probably why reading this fluff helps me de-stress, decompress, and tune out for brief moments.

In Nora Ephron’s last book, I Remember Nothing, she mentions that she has no idea who anyone is in People Magazine.  I am getting to the point where I agree with the late Nora.  Since I rarely watch television [I view most programs and films via Netflix], and haven’t viewed a reality program since the first Bachelor, the vapid cast members and lightweight subject matter make me feel as if I am experiencing my brain cells deteriorating.  Besides, if I want to catch up on whatever or whomever, I can read about it online at

In long grocery store lines, I used to thumb through the latest hard copy issue of the weekly rag to see its glossy photos; however, now that I shop primarily at Whole Foods, I gravitate toward the pithier Whole Foods readings.  Besides, WF is far too sophisticated to scatter about its kiosks such lowbrow reads like People.

Don’t judge me.

Ciao for now.


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