Wedding Weekend, Part 1: The Arrival

Action figures in downtown Indianapolis =
Action figures in downtown Indianapolis =

By Mary Anna Violi | @Mary Anna Violi

We arrived in Indianapolis this past Thursday later than planned.  After quickly checking in to The Conrad, we made a beeline for the spa for our appointments.  An hour later we emerged more golden in color, yet  fretful about smearing our new semi-bronzed look.  Although this was the first time I had attempted such a spa treatment, it proved not to be an altogether unpleasant experience.

After hanging up our wedding weekend attire, paying particular attention to my daughter’s bridesmaid’s dress that had been professionally pressed and swathed in protective plastic, we next contemplated a light dinner.  Tastings Wine Bar appealed to us on the warm June evening.  The fact that it was located just off the foyer of The Conrad tantalized us even more, for we were weary.

The outdoor patio afforded us much people watching, as did The Arts Garden, which loomed above and straddled either side of the street.  We ordered wine, of course, and several plates of assorted tapas:  two kinds of flatbread pizzas, and a platter of Irish and English cheese with fresh fruit.  Suddenly I glanced up and saw Batman crossing at the intersection.  Spiderman appeared, followed by the Incredible Hulk.  A short time later, a woman strolled past walking a miniature horse that wore a small hat on its head and sneakers over its hooves.  The mini-horse walked stiffly in its sneakers.  We had the distinct impression that the small stead either was afflicted with arthritis, or simply disdained wearing sneakers of a plaid variety.

A white carriage pulled by a white workhorse pulled up across the street.  While I am against use of horses in urban settings for entertainment purposes, this white full-sized horse appeared more content to clip-clop-clip-clop along in his own iron horse shoes.

Ciao for now.

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