Dreaming of Dayton, Part II

St. Mary's Hall and the Immaculate Conception ...
St. Mary’s Hall and the Immaculate Conception Chapel at the University of Dayton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Mary Anna Violi | @Mary Anna Violi

One of the pleasures of traveling to the Land of Dayton was the time spent with family.  While the overt reason for our journey to Ohio was to visit the outstanding School of Law at the University of Dayton, the covert one was family.  We are rich in family, and the opportunity to enjoy the company of Aunt Agnes proved irresistible.    In fact, Zia joined us in what proved to be a full day of U of D’s law program experience for admitted students.

I had not visited the campus since my Uncle Joe, a U of D Professor of Chemistry, passed away.    Knowing Uncle Joe’s love for the University of Dayton, it warmed my heart to know that we were able to explore his former turf.  He would have been pleased to know that his beloved university has grown so, while retain its academic essence.  Sharing the law day with Aunt Agnes was fortuitous too: She was elated to highlight aspects of the campus she knew well, for she herself was a U of D graduate.  Her reminisces of the life she and Uncle Joe shared with the U of D family topped off a tremendous day.

One portion of the day was devoted to a mini-class on complexities of the IV Amendment of the Constitution.  The law professor was not only witty in his discussion of the subject before the U. S. Supreme Court, he offered razor-sharp analysis of the fine line between salient facets of arguments regarding “search and seizure”.  I feared that my aunt might have been weary, yet this was not the case.  In fact, like us, she felt invigorated at the intellectual exercise the afforded by the mini-lecture.

After the law day, we drove around and through as much of the campus as we could. We noticed that quite a few of the fraternities and other residential houses’ occupants had spilled out on to front lawns to celebrate the Eve of St. Patrick’s Day.  Irish flags waved from porches rooftops as beer flowed freely.  While late on this Saturday afternoon, we steered the car to our aunt’s home in happy anticipation of her daughter and granddaughter’s arrival from Cincinnati that evening.

Ciao for now.

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