Reincarnation, Maybe…

If I were a practitioner of Buddhism, I would be eligible for reincarnation, assuming I have actually understood what the actor Richard Gere has explained about being a Buddhist.  Which I believe he is.  I mean, he is tight with the Dalai Lama.

Coco Chanel prefers self-serve tap water. –

If preferences are awarded those who adhere to the precepts of reincarnation, then I would like to go on record as stating I might choose to be an exceptionally well cared for indoor cat.

Fellini prefers a plushy bed. –

Upon close examination of our own two felines, I have made the following observations over the years:

As a cat, I could stake a claim in the house anywhere I wanted.  Even if my humans protest, I would be able to inevitably sneak back to the dining room table and repose on it at my discretion.

Fellini on the table –

I would train my humans to comprehend that I prefer their large, well-appointed bed for my mid-morning nap.  My claim to their bed would also extend to my afternoon somnambulist state.  I prefer to snooze on my fluffy pink blanket; therefore, my humans may only change the bedding, not make the bed, lest they disturb my routine.

Wake me for lunch –

My human caretakers understand that it is a privilege when I deign to play with them.

Coco Chanel likes fluttering ribbons. –

Furthermore, they would hastily move to appease my need for tummy and chin rubs.

Coco Chanel clamors for attention –

I would reward their efforts by purring at full-throttle.

My favorite rocking chair and pillow sometimes necessitate brushing.  The bipeds in my home would be more than pleased to oblige.

Now accepting adulation –

Finally, after dinner treats of Whisker Lickin’s require me to ultimately retire for the night, on my humans’ commodious bed, or perhaps I will simply sleep on the sofa.  It has been a long day.  ^..^

Fellini burrows in after a busy evening –






Ciao for now.

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