Smelling Fresh


Geraniums on the front porch, The Grand Hotel, Mackinaw Island –


Over the weekend I ventured into a Super Target store.  In addition to a few groceries, I also needed to buy deodorant.  My deodorant stick at home kept falling out of its holder, which indicated it was time to replenish product.  Over the years, I had purchased Dove’s Sensitive Care for Sensitive Skin deodorant.  On this shopping expedition I intended to buy my favorite sensitive skin deodorant.


Upon glancing up and down at the rows and racks of Dove deodorants, I did not see any labeled sensitive skin.  What I saw instead were deodorants in the company’s new Go Fresh line [Who wants to Go Unfresh?].  Variants were titled: Go Fresh Rebalance Sleeveless [Who are the Go Fresh Unbalanced? What about those who want to Go [with] Sleeves?], Go Sleeveless Beauty Finish [Is the implication Go Sleeveless Beauty or Non-Beauty Unfinished?}, and Go Sleeveless Nourished Beauty [How does this affect a Malnourished Beauty or Non-Beauty? Isn’t beauty in the eye of the beholder, according to my grandmother?].  Interspersed with these deodorant choices were Dove’s Go Fresh Rebalance Body Mist [Does this serve unbalanced consumers only?], Go Fresh Revive Body Mist [If someone is clinically dead, will this bring the person back to life?], and Go Fresh Burst Body Mist [Does anyone else find this reminiscent of Sigourney Weaver’s character in the Alienmovies?].


Cover of "Alien (The Director's Cut)"
Cover of Alien (The Director’s Cut)


I felt myself glazing over from squinting while looking at the deodorant sea of pastel colored tops, and from reading the small print on the front of the deodorant  [I admit to being too lazy to rifle through my handbag for my reading glasses]. I finally settled on the Go Fresh Cool Essentials cucumber & green tea scent, a reasonable choice since I like cucumbers and I drink green tea daily.  Suddenly waves of deodorant nostalgia swept over me:  I found myself longing for the days when deodorant choices were limited to the clear roll-on or the powder one.


Though I failed to locate the Dove Sensitive Skin stick of choice, I am pleased with the fragrant scent of cucumbers and green tea.  One could smell worse, but I do not admit that I have.


Ciao for now.


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