Joyful Gelati

July is National Ice Cream Month; it therefore seems fitting and right to laud our frosty delight.  American ice cream challenges us with the different forms it takes:  Italian ice, soft serve, frozen yogurt [“fro yo”], custard, sorbet, and ice cream itself [made with butter fat] leap to mind.  One may even indulge in these ice cream variants in sugar-free or fat-free forms.  Various companies such as Ben & Jerry’s, Haagen-Dazs, Blue Bell; Ritter’s; Cold Stone, Bonnie Doone [our own local creamery] to name a few, tease us with their frozen treats.  No matter the ice cream eater’s preference, there is a sweet frozen delight waiting to please.

The crème de la crème is: [drum roll, please]:  Gelati [plural].  Italy’s version of ice cream has a more potent flavor than does U.S. ice cream.   Unlike U.S. ice cream, gelato [singular] has little or no air added to it, which accounts for gelati’s density and for its creamy taste [].  Furthermore, gelato contains less butterfat than ice cream, even though gelati has a higher proportion of whole milk [].  Gelato is semi-frozen, thereby heightening its creamy texture and flavor.  My signature gelati are pistachio with real nuts; fragola [with actual strawberries; and stracciatella [with rich vanilla and chocolate shavings].

Gelati, Cafe Gelato, Bellagio, Las Vegas –

Gelaterie, the Italian version of ice cream parlors, proliferate in Italy.  In the heat of an Italian summer, gelato gets me through sultry Italian days.  When I saw the proliferation of gelati at Bellagio’s Café Bellagio, I had to partake of a large scoop of pistachio.  At Caesar’s Palace, the gelati again seduced me.

Gelati, The Forum Shops, Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas –

In the end, whatever tickles one’s ice cream fancy will appease the palate.  As for me, tonight I will be dreaming of a tantalizing scoop of gelato fragola eaten under a starry sky.

Ciao for now.

2 thoughts on “Joyful Gelati

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