Viva Las Vegas! Part III: Bellissima Bellagio


Bellagio Gardens
Bellagio Gardens (Photo credit: Ben Adamson)

Bellagio Gardens
Bellagio Gardens (Photo credit: Ben Adamson)
Hall Bellagio - Las Vegas
Hall Bellagio – Las Vegas (Photo credit: Eduardo Mateos)

It seemed that I was the last person with whom I was acquainted who had never set foot in Las Vegas, or even in the State of Nevada for that matter.  Over the years, various aunts, uncles, cousins, even my own mother had traveled multiple times to Las Vegas.  For me, it had held little appeal.

When it came time to give serious consideration to where and how to celebrate Anjelica’s 21st birthday, we each had several ideas:  Dublin, Ireland; London, England; San Francisco, California; and Las Vegas.  Since Anjelica had been in London a little over a year ago, and with the Summer Olympics looming, and Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations just over, we nixed London.  Tony Bennett might have left his heart in San Francisco, but the the Golden Gate Bridge would have to wait another year or so for us to converge.  Since we might journey to Copenhagen, Denmark over Thanksgiving this November, we ruled out Dublin and overseas travel this summer.  Finally, we gravitated toward Las Vegas.

After well-placed phone calls with our friend, Mary the Italian Travel Agent Extraordinaire, we landed at The Bellagio.  Unlike Tony Bennett [another Italian whose given name is Antonio Benedetto], I lost my heart to The Bellagio.  The first stunner is the ceiling of the enormous foyer:  The ceiling is covered with Dale Chihuly’s colorful glass artwork.  In case one is interested in purchasing a piece or two or three of Chihuly’s art glass, there is a Chihuly shop conveniently located in the Botanical Gardens of The Bellagio.  My daughter, the journalism and classical studies major, snapped photo after photo of Chihuly’s glass.

In fact, both of our iPhones had workouts because Bellagio’s floors mesmerized me.  Various inlaid marble designs were lavished throughout the hotel, primarily on the first floor, which is vast.  We cared little about how much we ate because we walked miles throughout The Bellagio each day, my eyes riveted to the intricate mosaic tile designs.  I had not seen anything so beautiful since I lived for several months in Vietri Sul Mare, Italy, home of multiple ceramic fabbricas.

My idea of Las Vegas wedding chapels had been formed by movies and television shows.  Ergo, I figured them to be sleazy and low-life.  How wrong I was:  The Bellagio had several wedding chapels that exuded sophistication.  We even glimpsed a bride in a lovely long white gown.

The primary swimming pool reminded us a bit of the Borghese Gardens in Rome, Italy, although I gather that The Bellagio’s pool emulates the one at San Simeon in California.   The mosaic design on the floor of the pool brought on waves of nostalgia for swimming in Amalfi, Italy, as I used to do.  Attractive cabanas around the pool reminded me of those along the beach of Sorrento, Italy.

All was palatial at The Bellagio, yet tastefully so, from the foyer to the swimming pool to the art museum to the restaurants to Cirque Du Soleil’s O show, and even to the casino.  Bellissima Bellagio!

Ciao for now.

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