Viva Las Vegas, Part II: Parla italiano!

Fountains show at Bellagio, Las Vegas
Fountains show at Bellagio, Las Vegas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After some days of hearing languages from around the world spoken at The Bellagio, I decided to speak only Italian.   This drove my daughter somewhat mad, but I explained to her that “Questa `e un’opportunita a parlare la lingua!”

She failed to see it my way.  She simply thought I was being “weird and annoying”.  However, my use of Italian in the Bellagio Art Museum only enhanced the artistic experience, at least from my perspective.

“Mama, people think I’m a mute because you are doing all the talking,” she complained.

“Parla italiano, cara mia.  La lingua `e bellissima!” I replied.

She likened my exclusive use of Italian to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.   She was making literary allusions, I observed.

While dining at Circo’s that night at The Bellagio, we were treated to a window seat by The Fountains.  In the midst of describing my delight at the wonders of the “cena deliziosa” at Circo’s, she snapped.

“Mama, I’m begging you:  Speak English.  I can’t keep up with the Italian.  You know I haven’t spoken it for months.  Per favore?”

“Va bene, cara mia.  Parliamo inglesi stasera.”

“Mama, hai parlato italiano ancora.”

I smiled.  “Certo!  E tu hai parlato italiano adesso.  Ecco il tiramisu!

“Mangia!” said Anjelica as she picked up her spoon and dove into the tiramisu.

My strategy had worked:  She was speaking Italian again.  Outstanding Italian food has that effect on our linguistic abilities.  To further sweeten the language deal, we went to see the new Woody Allen movie, To Rome With Love.  Che bella in its use of subtitles.

Ciao for now.

Italian Language Workshop
Italian Language Workshop (Photo credit: Context Travel)

2 thoughts on “Viva Las Vegas, Part II: Parla italiano!

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