Who is That Girl? [No, it is not Marlo Thomas]

Buon giorno!

It occurred to me that the fabulous folks, and so you must be for you are reading my blog, which puts me on iCloud Nine, might be wondering who I am, or perhaps you are not.  Therefore, here are some who, what, when, where, and whys of the magnificence that is tangledpasta [Please excuse me:  tangledpasta’s mischievous alter ego untangledpasta periodically rears its narcissistic pasta fork].

My name is Mary Anna.  It should have been spelled “Marianna”.  Due to a faux pas on my heavily accented English Papa’s part in registering me for a birth certificate, and a linguistic-challenged nurse intent on coping with only one syllable at a time, ergo, the result was Mary Anna; in fact, Mary Anna remains.  Mama christened me with a nickname, not one of those snarky ones, rather one related to my affinity for large plush bears.  No, not “Bear”. Oh, all right:  It is Teddy.  Most family members know me as Teddy.  My Teddy moniker appears on letters, cards, and in my writing.  My surname, however, is pure Italian.

I have been toiling away in academia for many years, and still am quite fond of its quirky world.  My large extended Italian family –50 first cousins, aunts and uncles – is lively, zany, and at times, downright bawdy.  Now, gentle readers, Google or Yahoo away, but please come back to tangled pasta.net!

Time for a pizzelle and café break—

Ciao for now.

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