Tangled Pasta’s raison d’etre

In looking over the landscape of this writer’s Italian American experience from childhood to the present, the time seemed right to share these vignettes of past and present with readers drawn to the unique world of Italians in the U. S.  Italians in the Heartland, the Midwest, the non-Chicago folks who sought work in smaller towns, like my family did are the ones I know best.  However, after extensive travel both here and abroad, I found commonalities abound between Italians in the Heartland and those living outside of it.  Marrying beyond an Italian community brought fresh faces and cultures into the fold, thereby fueling a different sort of Italian American.

These pages and posts will not always pertain to Italian Americans per se, but they will always be written in the spirit of that sensibility. Culture, which entails food, travel, family, language, and the passion that is romantically ingrained in Italians combine to create a tangled, pasta that is at once irresistible and zesty, “in-a the best-a sense”, according to my father.

That said, it’s time to blog and kick back with a cannoli!  Ciao for now.

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